Power Supply Business

Providing safe and reliable power source products with the cutting-edge technologies of a specialist manufacturer


Business Fields

  • Development, design, manufacture and sales of custom power supplies (switching and high-voltage power supplies)
  • Development, design, manufacture and sales of magnet rolls
  • Development, design, manufacture and sales of a wide variety of transformers (switching/high-voltage transformers)
  • Development, design, manufacture and sales of battery management system related products

Business Overview

Combining Power Supply Technologies with Technologies for Manufacturing and Production
Developing Power Supply Products for a Broad Range of Fields

Technologies for power supplies, such as custom power supplies, magnet rolls and various transformers, are improving their performance in all fields, including home appliances, industrial devices and medical equipment. Technologies and functions sought in power supply products are diversifying with changing consumer demand. The nms Group is developing and mass-producing products that solve customer problems by combining high heat-dissipation design technologies, high-value-added designs, safety designs and the like.

The nms Group is introducing products to a broad range of fields, including office automation, industrial medicine, home appliances and industrial equipment, by combining power supply and related technologies provided in the Power Supply Business with manufacturing, production and other technologies supplied in the Electronics Manufacturing Service Business. By doing so, the nms Group is supporting lifestyles that are efficient, safe and comfortable.


Launch of the Battery Management System Business
Meeting Rising Demand for a Shift to Electric Operation

A shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is progressing in the automobile industry with strengthened environmental regulations in the background. The nms Group launched the battery management system business making the most of safe, reliable power supply technologies, a strongpoint for its Power Supply Business, in the environment of growing demand for a shift to electric operation. In this new business, the nms Group is offering lithium ion secondary battery packs that are mainly used for subminiature mobility and special-purpose vehicles.

The nms Group will develop battery management systems (BMS) and other products that make the most of its battery charging control technologies and expand its product lineup going forward. In addition to onboard products, the nms Group will apply these technologies to industrial electricity storage systems, emergency backup batteries and uninterruptible power supply units (UPS) and develop chargers for exclusive use equipped with a function for charging these batteries at the same time. The nms Group will develop new equipment fields, adopting environmental performance and a shift to EVs as key words.