Power Supply Business

Providing safe and reliable power source products with the cutting-edge technologies of a specialist manufacturer


Business Fields

  • Development, design, manufacture, and sale of custom-built power supplies (switching and high-voltage power supplies)
  • Development, design, manufacture, and sale of magnet rollers
  • Development, design, manufacture, and sale of transformers (switching transformers and high-voltage transformers)

Business Overview

Combining Power Supply Technologies with Technologies for Manufacturing and Production
Developing Power Supply Products for a Broad Range of Fields

Technologies for power supplies, such as custom power supplies, magnet rolls and various transformers, are improving their performance in all fields, including home appliances, industrial devices and medical equipment. Technologies and functions sought in power supply products are diversifying with changing consumer demand. The nms Group is developing and mass-producing products that solve customer problems by combining high heat-dissipation design technologies, high-value-added designs, safety designs and the like.

The PST Group is introducing products to a broad range of fields, including the office, industrial and medical fields, by combining power supply and related technologies with the manufacturing technologies we have cultivated as a dedicated power source manufacturer. By doing so, the PST Group is supporting lifestyles that are efficient, safe and comfortable.


Focus on the Development of High-value-added Power Supplies: Meeting Rising Demand for the Effective Utilization of Energy

In recent years, demand has been rising for labor saving and automation in factories with a shortage of workers in the background. The PST Group has been paying attention to the fact that this demand is driving the spread of industrial robots and the expansion of smart factories.

The PST Group has been putting our efforts into developing power supplies for the industrial field.

In addition, capturing the demand for hygiene-related equipment that has become entrenched with the COVID-19 pandemic, the PST Group is also providing power supplies to be equipped to products with disinfection and sterilization functions. In the future, the PST Group will focus on the development of products which contribute to the effective utilization of energy resources taking advantage of the rising awareness of sustainability and the growing interest in sustainability of the global environment around the world.

The PST Group will strive to roll out the expertise and technological capabilities we have accumulated to meet the diverse needs of our customers. At the same time, the PST Group will constantly develop new markets in line with changes in society.