Management Philosophy

Approach to Management

We aim to be a global company which grasps the needs of the times and takes on new challenges. We try to always see change as a positive opportunity. We strive to move forward without selfishness or hesitation. We want to be the best we can be at that time and to look one step ahead.

Monozukuri (Making Things)

Monozukuri, the foundation of our company, is services which promote manufacturing that begin with developing human potential. Our role is to pass on Japanese manufacturing technology. We stick to the basics and find ways to make things possible. We then take the initiative in carrying out monozukuri.

Developing Human Potential

The assets of our company are people. We believe the growth of each of our employees leads to the development of our company. We seek people from around the world regardless of their age, nationality or experience. We develop those people into the professionals we need for monozukuri and improve their appeal by evaluating them fairly.

Employee Satisfaction

We aim to be a company which provides our employees with fulfilling lives. Our basic goal is to ensure our employees and their families are healthy in body and mind, happy, confident, proud and feel secure. We try to bring stability and improvements to the lives of each of them. We want them to share their hopes and joy.

Corporate Partner Satisfaction

Our basic goal is to earn the trust of our suppliers, customers and other corporate partners by bringing them peace of mind and excitement. We achieve that goal by always listening to their diversifying needs with smooth communication while placing ourselves in their position and then responding to those needs timely and speedily. In addition, we aim to be a true business partner which continually pursues mutual benefits and grows together with them.

Organizational Culture

We aim to be an organization which our employees think of as their own. We respect all kinds of differences. Our employees trust each other and share their concerns in a cheerful, free and open atmosphere. They can create dreams and work which gives purpose to their lives.

Our Employees

The motto for our employees is to have a sense of responsibility for their own work and to continue making steady efforts. Based on this motto, our employees aim to speak and act with dignity and common sense as members of society. They always work to educate and improve themselves with strong curiosity and awareness of the issues.

Contribution to Society

We are aware we a member of the global society which must conduct business fairly according to ethics, public morals and other social norms. Based on this awareness, we aim to be indispensable to all our stakeholders and society. Therefore, we aim to contribute to building a prosperous society by providing appropriate employment opportunities to all people through earth-friendly monozukuri.