Management Philosophy

Management Commitment

We aspire to be an innovative global company that seeks improvement and looks one step ahead as we consistently turn any new development into a positive opportunity in a responsible and focused manner.


Our company is based on "Monozukuri", and as such our manufacturing services begin with the development of human potential. We fulfill our role of imparting to others Japan's manufacturing techniques, stick to the basics, find ways to make things possible, and take initiative in achieving exceptional "Monozukuri".

Developing Human Potential

People are an asset to our corporation, and as such we believe that the growth of each and every employee drives our company forward. Accordingly, we enhance the appeal of our company by attracting diverse human resources from around the globe, evaluating them in a fair and just manner, and cultivating professionals to enable fine "Monozukuri".

Employee Satisfaction

We aspire to be a company that provides our employees and their families with their health, happiness, confidence, pride and sense of well being. We help our employees achieve stable and better lifestyles and work together to gain a mutual understanding of one another's hopes and joys.

Customer Satisfaction

We always look at matters from the customer perspective and base our operations on communicating effectively to understand diverse customer needs. We provide our customers a sense of trust and impress them by swiftly responding to their needs in a timely manner. Moreover, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that bring mutual benefit and strive to grow with our customers as a true business partner.。

Organizational Culture

We develop an organization-wide culture of "Our Company," with a positive, free and vigorous atmosphere in which diversity is respected, in which we share joys and sorrows, and in which we create rewarding work that fulfills ambitions.

Our Employees

Our employees conduct themselves in a serious and diligent manner, and their words and actions shall reflect their recognition of their position in society. Our employees are curious and aware of important matters, and always endeavor toward self- improvement.

Social Contribution

Based on our corporate compliance guidelines, we remain aware of our position as a member of the global community and strive to play an indispensable role in society. To that end, we contribute to the enrichment of society by making environmentally sound products and providing proper employment opportunities to all people.