Privacy Policy

The nms Group Philosophy of Personal Information Protection

As an enterprise that is engaged in the business of human resources, the nms Group is fully aware of the importance of personal information and strictly abides by the full extent of laws and regulations regarding personal information protection. We established the following Personal Information Protection Policy to conform to JIS Q 15001, Japanese Industrial Standards, Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection, and make sure that our employees proactively promote the proper handling of personal information.

nms Holdings Corporation, Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. We adhere to laws and our compliance program in regard to personal information.
  2. We correct personal information from the person to whom the information pertains directly or through our website. We use the personal information within the scope of the business of Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation including purpose of employment for the information provider. Moreover, we establish technical and in-company control systems, take appropriate protective measures and precautions, and implement corrective measures against the risk of loss, alteration, leakage, and unauthorized access of the information that we collect.
  3. We do not disclose personal information that has been collected to third parties without the consent of the person who provided such information, except in the following cases.
    1. The person who provided information has given consent to disclose such information.
    2. The information that has been provided is used as statistical data which does not contain personally identifiable information.
    3. The disclosure of information that has been provided is legally required by laws or regulations, the police department, prosecutors, the courts, or other legal bodies, or government or public authorities.
    4. It becomes necessary for business reasons to disclose information that has been provided to our clients or our outsourcers. However, in this case we shall conclude a personal information confidentiality agreement with the person who is the recipient of such information.

April 1, 2017
nms Holdings Corporation
President and CEO Fumiaki Ono