Message from President

Aiming to achieve growth that customers and employees find valuable through human resources development and manufacturing

The nms Holdings Group started out with the human resources service business and has expanded its scope to include manufacturing, with the aim of becoming a true business partner of our customers.
The stage of business activities of the nms Holdings Group has expanded globally, and the roles assumed by the Group have diversified.
Our employees are supporting the change and acting as a source of values we generate for customers with their remarkable services and personal growth in the many countries and regions where they work.

There are no borders in human resources development and manufacturing.
We aim to grow together with others, instead of seeking our own growth only.
The expansion of this cycle gives rise to new potential and shapes our corporate culture.

Where our operations began never changes.
The nms Holdings Group aims at continual growth to become and remain a corporate group having distinguished and unique characteristics and presence. We sincerely hope you will look forward to our progress, and we greatly appreciate your support.

To introduce quality Japanese-style manufacturing to the rest of the world
We will aim to continue growing together with our customers.

nms ホールディングス株式会社 代表取締役社長 小野 文明

nms Holdings Corporation
President and CEO

Fumiaki Ono