Disclosure policy

Basic policy on information disclosure

The nms group complies with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, timely disclosure rules, and other relevant regulations to legally disclose information in order to be able to provide accurate and equitable information in a timely manner to shareholders and investors.
We intend to comprehend information that the market requires, disclose our management information including the composition of finances and business activities, accurately report our management philosophy, and take opinions and criticism concerning such information seriously, if any. We will exert ourselves to disclose and announce, without hesitation, information deemed to have the potential to influence investment decisions of investors and transactions between customers, even if the obligation to disclose such information stipulated in the timely disclosure rules does not apply to such company information.

Method of information disclosure

nms will comply with the timely disclosure rules stipulated by Tokyo Stock Exchange when disclosing ultimate facts. We will also post, without delay, information after completion of publication measures pertaining to regulation for insider trading stipulated in Financial Instruments and Exchange Act on our website.
Furthermore, nms will disclose information not governed by the timely disclosure rules in a timely and equitable manner keeping in mind the purpose of the timely disclosure rules. However, not all disclosed information of nms may be posted on our website.
Please be informed that the information posted on our website may not be described using the exact words and expressions that are used for information disclosed by other means.

Cases where we object to information disclosure and the waiting period

nms will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding certain information due to a desire to maintain competitive superiority or that pertains to a nondisclosure agreement(s) currently in force. In addition, we will refuse to comment on ultimate facts that have not been disclosed.
Furthermore, the three week period prior to the disclosure of our settlement of accounts will be designated as a waiting period in order to prevent the details of the settlement of accounts from being leaked, and to maintain equitableness. Please kindly acknowledge that we will not be able to respond to any questions or comments regarding settlement of accounts during this period. However, if there is a possibility that a business performance forecast will differ significantly from that which was expected during this period, we will abide by relevant disclosure rules and disclose the pertinent information accordingly.