Characteristics of the nms Holdings Group

Let us introduce three strengths that only we possess.


  • Ability to offer one-stop services that meet manufacturing demands in Japan and overseas, ranging from demand for manufacturing processes, such as design, development, installation and assembly, to demand for physical distribution and repairs
  • Provision of advanced human resource services using personnel with expertise in manufacturing
  • Provision of highly original solutions, such as services related to training for and receipt of technical interns from overseas
Introduction of the Human Resource Solution Business


  • 68 business bases established in 9 countries, including Japan, China, ASEAN and North and Central America member states, and functions and systems required for manufacturing developed in Japan and overseas
  • A solid manufacturing organization consisting of the Human Resource Solution Business, through which human resource services are provided, the Electronics Manufacturing Service Business, through which substrates are mounted, and the Power Supply Business, through which power supply products are manufactured
Networks in Japan and overseas


  • Support for needs with mega EMS, custom-made EMS, the sharing business (Electronics Manufacturing Service Business)
  • Possible to combine mounting technologies (Electronics Manufacturing Service Business) and power supply technologies (Power Supply Business)
  • Number one market share in Japan for high-voltage power supply technologies (Power Supply Business)
Introduction of the Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Business Introduction of the Power Supply (PS) Business

To offer services with high added value to customers and
To become their partners indispensable for achieving greater growth,
We are continuing to evolve in our operating fields in and out of Japan.