Frequently asked questions

Business Results and Financial Affairs

1. I'd like to know more about nms Holdings' business results. What kind of information is available?
Business reports are available on the IR Library section of this Website. Business performance trends are listed in Business Performance/Financial Information.
2. How can I get a quick summary of information pertaining to net sales, operating and net income, etc. for the current term?
A summary of our performance, as well as graphs comparing 5-year trends in net sales, operating income, net income, total assets, net assets and ROE, are available in Business Performance/Financial Information.

Stock Information

1. When was nms listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
October 2007
2. What is nms Holdings' TSE code number?
3. When does nms Holdings determine which shareholders will receive dividends?
Each March 31 and September 30. For details, please refer to the Stock/Shareholder Information.
4. Who should I contact concerning stock transfer, change of address and so on?
Such matters can be processed at the head office or any nationwide branch of either Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation. For details, please refer to the Stock/Shareholder Information.

Other Information

1. How can I find the Websites of nms Holdings' major consolidated subsidiaries?
Major consolidated companies are listed in the nms Holdings Group page of the Corporate Profile section.
Links to those companies with their own Websites can also be found there.