ONO's Voice vol.8

From "Dots" to a "Line" – Toward a Growth Trajectory

We have made various announcements since the start of this fiscal year.

  • Expansion of contract manufacturing in our Vietnam base
  • Expansion of our human resource solution service business in Thailand
  • Consolidation of our subsidiaries in Thailand and Vietnam
  • Establishment of the Japan Technical Education Organization (JATEO) – a training company aimed at foreign technical interns for manufacturing, nursing care and agriculture
  • Start of operation by the end of the year of our JATEO Tokyo School training facility
  • Signing of a business partnership with a Vietnamese government approved technical intern sending organization

There are various things to note here such as the fact that the seeds we have been steadily planting for growth have started to sprout at last and that our ideas have finally taken shape and started in earnest. However, the important thing to be aware of is this: no matter how excellent a strategy is, it is all down to its execution.

There are no “fortuities” or “windfalls” in the growth of business. New ideas and opportunities are born through pursuit, pursuit and continued pursuit. It is often the case that unexpected things occur (e.g. changes in economic trends and geopolitical risks) so that things do not proceed as planned in global strategy. Nevertheless, we must not give up. There is no success unless we give ideas shape and then execute them.

Currently, the nms Group is at a point when we are fitting ideas for growth together like puzzle pieces. These are still small individual “dots” at the present time, but I am convinced that we will see real growth when they become a “line” that forms a large circle.

We are still missing pieces of this puzzle. I would like us to steadily move forward by producing more and more “puzzle pieces” that are new challenges without being bound by fixed ideas.