ONO's Voice vol.5

The Future of Asia

The 23rd International Conference on the Future of Asia was held in Tokyo over two days on June 5 (Mon) and 6 (Tue), 2017.

We, the nms Group, participated in this international conference as a corporate sponsor. Involvement in this conference, which brings leaders of Asian countries/regions together under one roof, has great significance for the business of the nms Group.

In addition to Prime Minister Thongloun of Laos and Prime Minister Phuc of Vietnam, this conference was attended by a great many government officials of countries and regions where the nms Group will continue to contribute to growth and development through our work in the future. We were able to exchange opinions about the way our countries/regions in Asia should move forward and about future collaboration when attending the banquets in addition to the speeches and panel discussions. Against a backdrop in which the world situation is undergoing change, the leaders of the various countries sent a clear message. I felt that this was a conference with a stronger message than ever before.

It is very important to resolve to achieve mutual development by combining and complementing the individualities and strengths of each country/region with deep collaboration to make the future of Asia even brighter. The nms Group is expanding our operations in China/Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia. In Vietnam, we are expanding the scale of our automotive part contract manufacturing. In Thailand, we are also starting to recruit and utilize Laotians in addition to Thai people. We will continue to work on initiatives that lead to the development of Asia while addressing the needs of our customers in the future.

To brighten the future of Asia
I believe that the nms Group can contribute to the development of Asia with “human resource solutions + manufacturing with Japanese quality.” I would like us to grow together by developing activities rooted in each country/region.


This is me together with Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith of Laos. Laos is attracting attention as a market where growth is expected in the future.