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New Beginnings Originating in Mexico: TKR DE MEXICO

画像 TKR DE MEXICO, the first Mexican base in our group, made a new start on April 1.

TKR DE MEXICO is a base that we acquired from Sony Corporation. We have developed our business activities mainly in Asia in the past. However, the acquisition of this business will allow us to advance into the North and Central American markets – a longstanding desire of our group. In addition to our existing business, we will work on expanding business in the automotive related field in the future.

The Reborn Ceremony was held at the base on March 28. We celebrated the new beginnings of this base together with approximately 300 colleagues who will join our group. I would like to express my gratitude that we could take over these assets that have been built up in this place since the establishment of the factory in 1979. At the same time, I find the weight of the responsibilities we have to accomplish sobering.

We expect this Mexican business to start contributing to our business results little by little from the second half of FY2020. I am convinced that our EMS business will obtain new markets and become a large pillar responsible for the growth of our nms HD group. We will continue to work steadily with an aggressive stance by taking advantage of this opportunity for reform in the future.


Speech given at the ceremony


All the employees celebrated the new beginnings of this base with a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebratory mariachi under refreshing weather


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