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Power supply business

From development and manufacturing to sales in the area of power supply.We lead the industry with our high technical abilities.

nms's power supply business has a leading market share of the power supply and magnet roll in multi-purpose peripheral industry.Along with manufacturers' technical capabilities, we continue to work toward deploying other set items.

Improved reliability based on manufacturers' technical capabilities.

Our power supply business, which has adopted technologies from HITACHI MEDIA ELECTRONICS and Panasonic as part of its foundation, is if a size that makes it the 6th large company* in the domestic power supply market.
*According to our own research

  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of power supply-related products for office equipment such as multifunction printers and projectors as well as for home appliances including air conditioners and air purification systems.
  • Accept orders for own-brand power supply units as well as set items in cooperation with group EMS companies.

Low-voltage power supply

High-voltage power supply

High-voltage transformer

We respond to every requirement of businesses primarily in the domestic high-voltage power supply sector (which has top market share in Japan*) in cooperation with group EMS companies.

*Reference: Search Report of Switching Power Supplies/DC stabilized Power Supply issued in 2011

Key technology (for power supply sector) and power supply-related technology→EMS

Deploy key technology on products that require advanced skills

Networks in Japan and abroad

Offce locations


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