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We respond to requests from customers in a wide range of business territories by devoting our design/development abilities and unique production system.

Production according to customers' requirements such as integrated production, process units, and small lot production of a range of products.
Under our unique production management system, we offer services combining quality with production efficiency in cooperation with our plants in Japan and abroad facilitated by the EMS group companies, TKR and SHIMA Electronic Industry.

The current business size has made us the 5th largest Japanese-affiliated company* in worldwide EMS company ranking.

*Reference: MMI TOP50 (2013)

We offer high quality services in all areas of EMS, including design/development as well as from board and module assembly to production of key devices that form the core of electrical and electronic parts.

Manufacturing contracts can be entrusted to us for a wide range of items

We establish the most suitable manufacturing processes in cooperation with customers.

We establish the most suitable manufacturing processes in cooperation with customers.

Top market share in high-voltage power supply sector in Japan*.<br />
	Hold key technologies mainly in the area of power supply.

*Reference: Search Report of Switching Power Supplies/DC stabilized Power Supply issued in 2011

Power supply technologies transferred to nms from HITACHI MEDIA ELECTRONICS in 2013 and Panasonic in 2014.
We gained manufacturers' power supply technologies in addition to the high level design/development capabilities. Now we can facilitate a higher level of the manufacturing framework.

EMS+Key technologies including high-voltage power supply technology

High level design/development capabilities integrated with manufacturers' technical capabilities. We support customers' businesses by providing better manufacturing processes.

Deploy key technology on products that require advanced skills / High-voltage power supply technology for copy machines and medical equipment / High-voltage transformer technology for air purification systems and microwave products / Magnet roll technology for copy machines, etc.

We can flexibly comply with delivery schedule and inventory control requirements thanks to our unique production management system.

Our production management system can be described as "flexible MRP", which automatically coordinates delivery schedules with our suppliers.
While alleviating inventory risks on production to a maximum, it offers customers a variety of benefits including the ability to handle small lot production of a large number of products in order to cope with clients' diversified needs.

Our production management system can be described as

Manufacturing processes with site optimization utilizing our global network in Japan and abroad

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