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September, 1985 Established Tesco Corporation aiming for contract business of manufacturing field (Capital: 4,000,000 yen)
October, 1999 Obtained the business right of the outsourcing department of Techno Brain Company
September, 2000 Changed company names to Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation
April, 2003 Opened Beijing office in Beijing, China
July, 2004 Established 北京日華材創国際技術服務有限公司
October, 2004 NMS Holdings Inc. acquired stock of our company (capital: 360,000,000 yen)
April, 2005 Started business of dispatching Japanese engineers
October, 2007 Listed on JASDAQ Stock Market (Currently, Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ market)
July, 2008 Opened a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
July, 2010 Acquired SHIMA Electronic Industry Co. Ltd.
August, 2010 Established Nippon manufacturing International, Vietnam Branch (the first foreign company that obtained an approval for an in-premise contract manufacturing operations)
December, 2010 Established 北京中基衆合国際技術服務有限公司 (first foreign company that obtained China’s domestic approval for a worker-dispatching business operation)
July, 2011 Acquired TKR Corporation
September, 2011 Established 北京中基衆合国際技術服務有限公司, Wuxi Branch
January, 2012 Established 北京中基衆合国際技術服務有限公司, Shenzen Branch
July, 2012 北京中基衆合国際技術服務有限公司 formed a business alliance with a government-affiliated organization in Henan Province in recruiting operations
March, 2013 北京中基衆合国際技術服務有限公司 acquired the governmental human resource company, Wuxi City Binhu District Human Power Corporation
October, 2013 Part of the operations transferred from Hitachi Media Electronics
August, 2014 Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation Concludes Business Tie-Up Agreement with Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
September, 2014 Opened nms(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. in Thailand: Started business of dispatch
October, 2014 General Power Supply Operations transferred from Panasonic
December, 2014 Business Tie-Up with Two Cambodian Employee Placement Companies for Dispatch of Workers to Thailand
March, 2015 Notice of Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with Kanematsu Corporation and Disposition of Treasury Stock Through Private Placement

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